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Special offer!

Dear investors!

From 06/23/22 to 06/25/22 (inclusive), when you top up your balance by any amount, you will receive a bonus of 10%!

*The bonus is credited to the balance in your account and is available for withdrawal or reinvestment.

We wish you successful and profitable transactions!

Your Tenix-trade team.
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Platform upgrade

Dear investors!

We have carried out a large-scale modernization of our investment platform and increased the security of the resource as a whole. Anonymity, confidentiality and safety of investors who trust us with their funds are our priority!

For a long time of work, we have managed to win your trust and we will continue to meet the highest standards in the financial services market!

Your Tenix-trade team.
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Galaxy Digital: Bitcoin and ether will double by mid-2023

Galaxy Co-Chairman Jason Urban told Kitco News in an interview that Bitcoin and Ethereum are moving forward steadily and could rise in price by 100% in the second quarter of 2023.
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Crypto dictionary

Market order (market) - an order to the exchange to open a deal instantly at the current price.

Limit order (limit) - an order to the exchange to open a deal at a specific price.

Market Maker (MM) - a person/organization that uses limit orders to ensure the liquidity of an instrument. MM is able to manipulate the movement of quotes.

Liquidity - the ability to quickly buy/sell an instrument. This is the amount of money in the glass (table of limit orders).

Flat (consolidation) is a narrow lateral price range on the chart.

A trend is a strong directional movement, accompanied by an orderly movement of extremes.

Extremes - obvious price lows and highs on the chart.

High - price maximum, low - price minimum.

Level - a line formed by 3 extremums.

Shelf (pool) of liquidity - a zone of massive concentration of stop orders, which is used by large players to take positions. Such pools are located at visible price levels.

Structure break (BOS) - updating the last low, which led to the last high high in case of an uptrend, or updating the last high, which led to the last low low, in case of a downtrend.

An order block is a candle that has generated a strong movement due to the manipulation of the market maker. Growth or fall begins with it, and therefore a large number of limit orders are concentrated here.

Imbalance - too fast price movement, leaving behind a volume gap within 3 adjacent candles.

Absorption is a formation of 2 adjacent candles, the last of which completely covers the body of the first.

Pin bar - a reversal candlestick formation with a large shadow and a very small body.

OTE is the optimal area for opening a trade. It is determined by stretching the Fibonacci on the extreme wave of the movement. OTE - range between 0.62 and 0.79
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Morning state of the market

The market is positive today, most of the violas are green. BTC is now trading above $40,500, ETH is trading around $3,000.

Bitcoin dominance: 42%

Index of fear and greed: 27 (fear)
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