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The main events:

Shiba Inu burning portal launched. Should have called him a hot dog.

Fidelity Investments will launch a product with the ability to save for retirement in BTC. And send the state with his pension.

Edward Snowden stated that he was one of the 6 participants in the launch of the anonymous cryptocurrency Zcash. And it's cool and you can't check it.

Goldman Sachs issued the first loan backed by BTC. Typically, such loans buy even more bitcoins.

Coinbase will track customer transactions for legitimacy. It remains to add a certificate from the proctologist to KYC.
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We believe that investing changes the world. By buying shares, highly liquid cryptocurrencies, each person influences the development of the chosen company, industry and country. Therefore, we are looking for only the best investment ideas for our clients.

By investing you will be able to:

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✔️️ Realize your dreams, be in trend
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